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  1. 2.0.4 Release Notes

  2. 2.0.5 Release Notes

  3. 2.0.6 Release Notes

  4. 2.0.7 Release Notes

  5. 2.0.8 Release Notes

  6. 2.0.9 Release Notes

  7. 2.1.0 Release Notes

  8. 2.1.1 Release Notes

  9. 2.2.0 Release Notes

  10. 2.2.2 Release Notes

  11. 2.2.3 Release Notes

  12. 2.2.4 Release Notes

  13. Account Sharing Protection

  14. ActiveCampaign Integration

  15. Add A Date To Push Notifications

  16. Add Affiliate Info to Existing Transaction or Subscription

  17. Add Captcha Validation to the Checkout Page

  18. Add Custom Fields to a Checkout Page

  19. Add Login/Logout Link to Main Menu

  20. Add Placeholder Text to Login Form Fields

  21. Adjust the Size of the 1-Click Purchase Confirmation Dialog

  22. Advanced Content Protection

  23. Advanced Plan Additional Features

  24. Affiliate Integration Overview

  25. Affiliate Tracking Overview

  26. Allow Logged Out Member's to Make Purchases

  27. Allow Member's to Apply a Free Bundle to their Account

  28. Allow Member's to Create a Custom Username

  29. Allow Members To Only See Content Published Since The Joined

  30. Allow Membership Signup and Login via Social Network Credentials (Social Sign On)

  31. API Credentials Overview

  32. API Documentation

  33. Apply WordPress Roles to Members

  34. Auditing Member Activity Using the Activity Log

  35. Auto-Login Links and Login Tokens

  36. Automated Overdue Payment Handling

  37. Automatically Uncheck Shipping Same As Billing Checkbox

  38. bbPress Extension

  39. Beta 2.2.4

  40. Beta Releases

  41. Browse Transactions Report

  42. Browsing Members

  43. Bulk Delete Members

  44. Bundles Overview

  45. Call a Custom Script When Certain Events Occur

  46. Can I Modify the MemberMouse Code?

  47. Can't Login to wp-admin

  48. Cancellation Link Not Working

  49. Change a Bundle's Drip Content Schedule

  50. Change a Default Core Page

  51. Change a Member's Account Status

  52. Change a Member's Membership Level

  53. Change a Member's Place in a Drip Content Schedule

  54. Change the Default Employee Account

  55. Change the Rebill Date on a Subscription

  56. Change When a Member's Bundle Expires

  57. Change When a Member's Bundle is Canceled

  58. Change When a Member's Membership Expires

  59. Change When a Member's Membership is Canceled

  60. Checkout Core Page

  61. Checkout Page Examples

  62. Checkout Page Not Working

  63. ClickBank Checkout Options

  64. Commission Profiles Overview

  65. Complete WordPress Training Course

  66. Configure Access to Content When Status is Overdue

  67. Configure Activity Log Cleanup

  68. Configure if Member Can Change their Username

  69. Configure the Default Login Page

  70. Configuring Affiliate Account Creation

  71. Configuring

  72. Configuring CIM

  73. Configuring AWeber

  74. Configuring Braintree

  75. Configuring Caching on Your Server

  76. Configuring Captcha

  77. Configuring ClickBank

  78. Configuring Coinbase

  79. Configuring Drip Email Marketing Automation

  80. Configuring Facebook Login

  81. Configuring GetResponse

  82. Configuring Google+ Login

  83. Configuring iContact

  84. Configuring iDevAffiliate

  85. Configuring Lime Light

  86. Configuring MailChimp

  87. Configuring PayPal

  88. Configuring Purchase Links

  89. Configuring Stripe

  90. Configuring Twitter Login

  91. Configuring WP Engine Hosting

  92. Confirmation Core Page

  93. Copy a Drip Content Schedule

  94. Core Pages Overview

  95. Coupons Overview

  96. Create a 2 Step Checkout Process

  97. Create a Bundle

  98. Create a ClickBank Purchase Link

  99. Create a Commission Profile

  100. Create a Core Page

  101. Create a Coupon

  102. Create a Custom Checkout Page

  103. Create a Custom Field

  104. Create a Custom Login Form

  105. Create a Fallback Confirmation Page for ClickBank

  106. Create a Form to Collect Custom Field Data

  107. Create a Free Member Webform

  108. Create a Member Homepage

  109. Create a Membership Level

  110. Create a New Member

  111. Create a Product (Optional Free Trial)

  112. Create a Purchase Link

  113. Create A Responsive Checkout Page

  114. Create a Shipping Method

  115. Create a Welcome Email

  116. Create an Affiliate Link

  117. Create an Employee Account

  118. Create an Upsell Process

  119. Create and Delete API Credentials

  120. Create Coupons in Bulk

  121. Create Custom Error Messages on the Error Core Page

  122. Create Product-Specific Confirmation Page

  123. Create Purchase Links for Creating Groups

  124. Create Signup Links for Joining an Existing Group

  125. createMember API Call

  126. Currency Settings

  127. Custom Fields Overview

  128. Custom Shipping Options Plugin

  129. Customize Buttons on the Checkout Page

  130. Customize Error Messages on the Checkout Page

  131. Customize the Checkout Page Processing Message

  132. Customize the Forgot Password Email Template

  133. Defining Group Types

  134. Delete a Bundle

  135. Delete a Commission Profile

  136. Delete a Coupon

  137. Delete a Custom Field

  138. Delete a Member

  139. Delete a Membership Level

  140. Delete a Product

  141. Delete an Employee Account

  142. Delivering Member-Specific Content

  143. Disable jQuery UI

  144. Disable WordPress Auto-Paragraph (wpautop) Functionality from Core Pages

  145. Duplicate Subscription Settings

  146. Duplicate Subscritions Tool

  147. Dynamically Display Discount Information

  148. Edit a Member's Account Information

  149. Edit a Member's Billing Address

  150. Edit a Member's Custom Field Data

  151. Edit a Member's Shipping Address

  152. Email a Purchase Link to a Member

  153. Email Integration Overview

  154. Email Templates Overview

  155. Emails Are Not Being Sent

  156. Employee Accounts Overview

  157. End of PHP 5.2 Support

  158. Engagement Statistics or Page Access Not Tracking

  159. Error Core Page

  160. Exporting Members

  161. Extra Lines Are Being Added When Using SmartTags

  162. Fields Showing Up Blank on My Account Page

  163. Find Subscriptions Rebilling in X Days

  164. Finding IDs for Membership Levels, Products, and Bundles

  165. Forgot Password Core Page

  166. getMember API Call

  167. Getting 404 Errors When Clicking SmartTag Links

  168. Getting Started Step-by-Step

  169. Getting Started with MemberMouse

  170. Getting Started with the MemberMouse API

  171. Gifting Functionality

  172. Give a Member Access for Free

  173. Google eCommerce Tracking

  174. Gravity Forms Issue

  175. Group Management Dashboard for Group Leaders

  176. Groups Addon Overview

  177. Guide to Styling The CSS of Core Pages and Widgets

  178. Help! I Can't Login

  179. Hide Category Or Blog Template Pages

  180. Hide Comments from Pages

  181. Hide Protected WordPress Pages from Menus

  182. Hide the WordPress Admin Bar from New Members

  183. How Can Members Update Their Credit Card Information

  184. How Do I Cancel My MemberMouse Account

  185. How Do I Change the URL Associated With My License

  186. How MemberMouse Handles Recurring Billing

  187. How To Get Fantastic Support

  188. How to Use Reporting

  189. Import Existing Members Into a Mailing List

  190. Import Members with the Import Wizard

  191. Include the Member's Password in a Welcome Email

  192. Installing MemberMouse

  193. Installing MemberMouse on a Local Host

  194. Integrate MemberMouse With Another Email Vendor

  195. Issue a Refund

  196. Issue Caused by HTTP / HTTPS Switching

  197. Learning Management Software Vendors

  198. Limit Trial Product to Single Purchase

  199. Login as a Member

  200. Login Core Page

  201. Logout Core Page

  202. Make a Free Membership Signup Form

  203. Make Fields Optional on Checkout Form

  204. Manage Bundles on a Member's Account

  205. Manage Members Overview

  206. Manage Subscriptions

  207. Managing Groups

  208. Manually Add a Member to an Existing Group

  209. Manually Create a Group

  210. Manually Integrate with an Affiliate System

  211. Manually Upgrading MemberMouse

  212. Mapping Bundles to Mailing Lists

  213. Mapping Membership Levels to Mailing Lists

  214. Member Details Overview

  215. Member Home Core Page

  216. Member Homepage Settings

  217. Member Status Lifecycle

  218. MemberMouse Support Policy

  219. MemberMouse Versions

  220. MemberMouse WordPress Filters

  221. MemberMouse WordPress Hooks

  222. Membership Levels Overview

  223. Migrate Existing WordPress Users into MemberMouse

  224. Migrating MemberMouse to a New Server

  225. MM 2.2.4 Known Issues

  226. MM_Access_Decision SmartTag

  227. MM_Affiliate_Decision SmartTag

  228. MM_Content_Data SmartTag

  229. MM_Content_Link SmartTag

  230. MM_CorePage_Link SmartTag

  231. MM_CustomField_Data SmartTag

  232. MM_Custom_Decision SmartTag

  233. MM_Employee_Data SmartTag

  234. MM_Error_Message SmartTag

  235. MM_Form SmartTag

  236. MM_Form_Button SmartTag

  237. MM_Form_Data SmartTag

  238. MM_Form_Field SmartTag

  239. MM_Form_Message SmartTag

  240. MM_Form_Section SmartTag

  241. MM_Form_Subsection SmartTag

  242. MM_Member_Data SmartTag

  243. MM_Member_Decision SmartTag

  244. MM_Member_Link SmartTag

  245. MM_Order_Data SmartTag

  246. MM_Order_Decision SmartTag

  247. MM_Order_Subdecision SmartTag

  248. MM_Product_Data SmartTag

  249. MM_Purchase_Link SmartTag

  250. My Account Core Page

  251. Page Views Not Being Tracked

  252. Pass Data to a Checkout Page

  253. Payment Methods Overview

  254. Payment Options Overview

  255. Place an Order for a Member

  256. Plugins That Cause Problems

  257. Previewing Your Site as Different Members

  258. Products Overview

  259. Prorating Membership Subscription

  260. Protect and Schedule Content

  261. Protect Content in RSS Feeds, Search Results and Archives

  262. Protect Posts by Category

  263. Protected Content Widget

  264. Prove Your Humanity Question on Login

  265. purchaseBundle API Call

  266. Qualified Contractors

  267. Rebill Payments Not Being Processed

  268. Redeem Gift Core Page

  269. Report Explanations

  270. Requesting a Staging License

  271. Require New Customers to Confirm Their Email Address

  272. Resend the Welcome Email

  273. Reset a Member's Password

  274. Reset Password Core Page

  275. SamCart Integration

  276. Save-the-Sale Core Page

  277. Securing Your Site with HTTPS

  278. Send a Payment Receipt to Customers

  279. Send an Account Canceled Notification to Customers

  280. Send an Email Notification When a Bundle is Purchased

  281. Send an Email Notification When a New Member Signs Up

  282. Send an Overdue Payment Notification to Customers

  283. Set the Default Membership Level or Product

  284. Set the Default Shipping Method

  285. Set the SmartTag Version

  286. Setting the Default Cancellation Method

  287. Setting Valid Countries for Checkout Forms

  288. Shipping Methods Overview

  289. Show/Hide Content for Different Membership Levels on the Same Page

  290. Show/Hide the Preview Settings Bar

  291. SmartTag Equations

  292. SmartTags Not Being Processed Inside JavaScript or CDATA

  293. SmartTags Overview

  294. SmartWidget

  295. Speed Up Testing By Using Test Data

  296. Supported Currencies by Payment Method

  297. Switch Between Membership Levels or Products on a Checkout Page

  298. Testing with Test Gateway

  299. Testing with Braintree

  300. Testing with ClickBank

  301. Testing with PayPal Sandbox

  302. Testing with Stripe

  303. Testing Your Affiliate Settings

  304. Transactions Overview

  305. Troubleshooting

  306. Troubleshooting Checklist

  307. Troubleshooting Coinbase

  308. Troubleshooting GetResponse

  309. Troubleshooting iDevAffiliate

  310. Troubleshooting PayPal

  311. Troubleshooting Plugin and Theme Conflicts

  312. Uninstalling MemberMouse

  313. updateMember API Call

  314. Updating Core Pages to Include Gifting Related SmartTags

  315. Upgrading MemberMouse

  316. Use Built-in CSS on Core Pages

  317. Use Internal MM Class to Log Emails

  318. Use WordPress Reset Password Page

  319. User-Defined Member Details Pages

  320. UserVoice Member Details Gadget

  321. UserVoice SSO Extension

  322. Using 1-Click Purchase Links

  323. Using Limit Login Attempts

  324. Using MemberMouse Button Styles

  325. Using Push Notifications

  326. Using Safe Mode

  327. Using the Drip Content Schedule

  328. Using the PHP Interface

  329. Using the Test Payment Service

  330. View a Member's Engagement Statistics

  331. Visual Editor Plugin Causes Issues with SmartTags

  332. Warning: Creating default object from empty value Message

  333. What's the Difference Between Pausing and Cancelling an Account

  334. When Logged in as an Administrator I'm Seeing an Error Page

  335. Where Do I Find My Support PIN?

  336. Whitespace Showing Up on Checkout Page

  337. Why We Don't Integrate with JVZoo

  338. WordPress 4.2.3 Shortcode Update Creates Issues with SmartTags

  339. WordPress Compatibility

  340. WordPress Hosting Providers

  341. WordPress Theme Providers

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