Delivering Member-Specific Content

Depending on the type of member-specific content, whether a simple piece of text or a file, the method for delivering this will differ.

Member-Specific Data

For displaying simple text related to a specific member you can use custom fields. Just create a custom field and then you can populate that custom field as needed for each member (i.e. for a license code).

Next just use the [MM_Member_Data] SmartTag to output the custom field content specific to the logged in member on the page as follows:

[MM_Member_Data name='customField_#']

Make sure to replace the # with the actual ID of the custom field to output data for.

Member-Specific Files

For downloadable files you could use a file naming convention for files related to the member. For example, say you want to have a PDF document specific to a member, you could have a folder on your server called member-content/ and then within that folder have files such as week1-report-2.pdf, week1-report-5.pdf, week1-report-6.pdf, etc. Where the final number is the member ID. Then on the page on your website to create a link to download the report specific to the member logged in, you would create the link as follows:

<a href="[MM_Member_Data name='id'].pdf">Download Your Report</a>

When this code is processed by MemberMouse, the SmartTag will be replaced with the current member's ID. For example:

<a href="">Download Your Report</a>

As a result, dynamic download links will be created for member-specific files.

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