Troubleshooting Checklist

MemberMouse is a WordPress plugin and runs in the WordPress environment. MemberMouse has no control over this environment and can be adversely effected by things that effect the environment such as plugins, themes, server configurations, etc.

If you're experiencing an issue that you suspect is not just due to a misconfiguration of WordPress or MemberMouse, go through the steps below to track down what's causing the issue:

  1. Review our list of plugins that are known to cause problems and see if you have any of them activated.
  2. Are you using a cache plugin? If you are, it must be properly configured or else it will cause problems. Read this article to learn more about using cache plugins.
  3. If you're experiencing an issue that is modifying the way visual components look or behave on the front-end of your site, try disabling jQuery UI in MemberMouse.
  4. Determine if there's a plugin not on our list causing problems or if the theme you're using is causing problems. Read this article for the steps to take to discover plugin/theme conflicts.
  5. Check your .htaccess file to ensure you don't have any rules in there that will cause problems.
  6. Is your hosting provider using server-side caching? If so this could be causing problems. Check with your hosting provider regarding the configuration.

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